You should read this book if you… want to understand the basic driving need of your spouse (the wife to feel loved/the husband to feel respected), and thus experience marriage the way God intended with peace, intimacy, and oneness. “In a nut shell”… Just as husbands ought to show unconditional love toward their wives, wives […]

You should read this book if you… …want to gain a better understanding of how marriage can train you to be more Christ-like. “In a nut shell” … This book explains how marriage reveals God and His love to the world. This is done by comparing the marriage relationship to our relationship with God. It […]

You should read this book if you… Want to build successful relationships by experiencing and practicing authentic love in all aspects of your life. “In a nut shell”… This book will show you how authentic love can change and direct you to more meaningful and loving relationships, by taking you through seven traits of the […]

You should read this book if you… Want your children to get along better and build good relationships. “In a nut shell”… Sibling rivalry is a common part of growing up with siblings. Instead of letting it destroy your children’s relationship, this book gives you tools to help your children learn how to relate to […]