You should read this book if you… want to understand the basic driving need of your spouse (the wife to feel loved/the husband to feel respected), and thus experience marriage the way God intended with peace, intimacy, and oneness. “In a nut shell”… Just as husbands ought to show unconditional love toward their wives, wives […]

You should read this book if you… Have a troubled marriage or just want to renew the love in your marriage. “In a nut shell”… The Love Dare is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to help them understand and practice unconditional love. It contains the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a […]

You should read this book if you… …want to gain a better understanding of how marriage can train you to be more Christ-like. “In a nut shell” … This book explains how marriage reveals God and His love to the world. This is done by comparing the marriage relationship to our relationship with God. It […]

You should read this book if you… Want to build successful relationships by experiencing and practicing authentic love in all aspects of your life. “In a nut shell”… This book will show you how authentic love can change and direct you to more meaningful and loving relationships, by taking you through seven traits of the […]

You should read this book if you… Wonder why your husband never notices things you do, why you struggle to communicate with one another, or what happened to the man you married. In a “nutshell”… Healthy guys really want to please their wives. Learn more about your guy. Let him be the guy. Nagging, arguing, […]